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October 14

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The early boost you need.

"All things are DIFFICULT before they are EASY."

 - Thomas Fuller 

Are you ready to get started on your journey to slay the migraine beast, but feel a bit overwhelmed?

If you're like most folks at this stage, your mind is filled with questions and uncertainty.

What if I do it wrong?

What are the most important things to do first?

What exactly should I EAT?!

Do I need to go KETO?

Where can I turn if I have questions?

Can I actually DO this?  

I just have MENSTRUAL/HORMONAL Migraines. Can this help?  

We totally get it. There's lots of new information to learn AND implement. And more than likely there are changes to make to how you eat, and cook.

None of this happens overnight. And we know from working with thousands of people now that success depends on creating a new set of habits and routines.

Once those habits and routines are in place is when the magic starts to happen. 

Something that once felt hard and overwhelming starts to feel easy and effortless, and you start feeling better in ways you couldn't have ever imagined, reaping the benefits of the plan that you've heard about.

But the challenge is creating those habits in the first place! 

And that why we created this program. 

We know that there's no more important time for guidance, support, and accountability than when you're first getting started. It's the time when you feel most uncertain and overwhelmed that you're most likely to throw in the towel.

And throwing in the towel means missing out on the gold at the end of rainbow (click here for stories of what awaits you there). 

We can't let that happen! 

We've also learned so much from helping people implement the plan over the past several years. 

We know the common pitfalls and mistakes people make when getting started (including all the ones we've made!), and how to avoid them

We realized there was a need for a program to help people with this transition, to provide a guided step by step process for getting you there, combined with a supportive community to keep you inspired and accountable.  

And we realized that there was a core set of knowledge and principles people needed to know to be successful. Completing the Beastslayer Training Academy course is our way of ensuring that you know them. 

This is the program Jenny and I wished we'd had when we first got started, and we'll be there to guide you all along the way. 

Even if you're starting from ground zero, when you graduate from the program, you can rest easy knowing you know what's most important, and have the habits and resources you need for success.  

And if you just have the menstrual/hormonal migraines left to tackle, you're in luck because the Beast Slayer Training Academy now has an entire unit devoted to slaying the Menstrual Migraine Beast! 

So come get the JUMP START you need! We'd love to have you.


Beastslayer Training Academy!

Our premiere training resource! Each week you and your challenge mates will complete a series of lessons, along with short assignments and quizzes to help you develop the essential knowledge and habits for success. 


A Special 1 Month Meal Plan with easy recipes using only foods from our Migraine Superfoods List. Perfect for those in Phase 1-2.


Our favorite tools for tracking carbs, practicing mindfulness, and getting better sleep so that you don't waste time searching for the good stuff.  

Peace of Mind

Step by step guidance so that you have peace of mind in knowing you're not doing the wrong things, OR the right things at the wrong time

Healthy Habits 

Establish a new set of habits and routines so that continuing with the plan becomes second nature 


Private Facebook group just for Jump Starters so that you have access to people who know exactly what you're going through for support AND accountability

The most comprehensive course on how to end migraines, once and for all

Take a video tour through the Beast Slayer Training Academy...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Jump Start Challenge for?

A: The challenge was created to help anyone get off and running with the Migraine Miracle plan, and positioned for maximum success.

It was also created for those who've already started the plan but wonder if there may be aspects they're missing, would like the extra support and accountability to help them stay on course, or who want to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding that's essential for success.  

In other words, to transform the process of getting started from something that feels uncertain and overwhelming, that you do on your own, to something that feels fun and exciting, that you do with an inspiring group of likeminded people, who know just what you're going through. 

We know that getting started is the hardest part. There are new things to learn and new habits and routines to adopt. During that process, you're bound to have questions. 

It's the time when you need support, guidance, and accountability the most. 

We also know from experience that persistence is the single biggest predictor of success. We know the plan works, but success never happens overnight. So making it through the inevitable bumps in the road, especially in the beginning, is key to success.

With the Jump Start, we want to make those bumps as teeny tiny as possible

Q: What does the challenge consist of?

A: In the challenge, you'll move through our Beast Slayer Training Academy, a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to be successful with the Migraine Miracle plan. 

The Migraine Miracle is your primary textbook, but the Beast Slayer Training Academy is where you go to receive your training. Where you learn exactly how to put it all into action. 

The training itself is divided into short video and reading assignments for you to complete, along with short quizzes to make sure it stuck!

You'll also get a complete 30 day meal plan created just for this challenge, with easy recipes for those in phase 1-2 and beyond. 

And with the Jump Start challenge, you won't be doing it alone. You'll have access to a private Facebook group just for you and your classmates. 

We'll be there too, and together we'll give each other the support and encouragement we need to make it through.

Q: Why was the Beast Slayer Training Academy created?

A: There are certain things that are important to know in order for you to be successful with the plan. 

Over the past few years, we've learned that those who truly understand the plan, and the principles behind it, are the ones who are most successful.

We also found that some folks were getting started knowing only bits and pieces, and those were the ones who struggled. So we realized there was a need to provide a comprehensive training resource to fill in any gaps, so that nobody would miss out on information that was key to their success.

The Beastslayer Training Academy is designed to be that comprehensive resource. 

Q: Do I need to have read the book The Migraine Miracle.  

A: The course is intend to be a complete training course. That said, it is also an excellent complement to the book, and will both reinforce and enrich your understanding of the material covered there, in addition to providing the essential training and practical advice needed to successfully implement the plan.

Q: Will I still have access to the Beast Slayer Training Academy after the challenge is over?

A: Yes! You will continue to have access to all the course materials while you are a member. And, if new material is added in response to user feeback, you'll have access to that as well. 

Q: When does it start?

A: You will receive an email at 4pm Eastern time on the day it starts (see top of page for official start date) with instructions for getting started. 

Q: How much?

A: The Jump Start Challenge is included as one of the many benefits of Migrai-Neverland membership, along with all of our other 30-day challenges (click here for the schedule of member challenges for the year). 

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What Our First Class Of Students Said

Here's what some of our students had to say about the Beast Slayer Training Academy inside the Facebook group for the Jump Start Challenge:

From Prior Graduates: 

We collect a feedback survey at the end of the course from each of our graduates. Here's what some of our initial graduates had to say after completing the Beast Slayer Training Academy:


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